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Dec 16,2020·Different processes require the detachment of metal drops from a solid material using a laser beam as the heat source,for instance laser drop generation or cyclam.These techniques imply that the drops enter the laser beam,which might affect their trajectory.Also,many laser processes such as laser welding or additive manufacturing generate spatters that can be accelerated by the laser beam CFRP-Aluminium Structures Realized by Laser Beam Joining During the first step (i.e.the first weld pass) the aluminium and titanium are heated by the defocused laser beam simultaneously on both sides.An aluminium melt pool is formed,supported by the action of gravity and a certain amount of pre-heating of the titanium-wire or the titanium-foils by the laser beam and by heat conduction through the

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Jun 22,2021·Single-pass laser beam welding (LBW) of steel components with wall thickness of > 10 mm is of high interest due to enhanced productivity.Deep penetration LBW provides excessive hardness and certain quality issues such as root humping in flat position,which is associated with disability of surface tension to sustain melt dropout.High hardness is associated with fast cooling rates and Defocusing Techniques for Multi-pass Laser Welding of In an alternative approach described in this paper,a power density of a laser beam spot was purposely dispersed by using a defocusing technique.In groove filling experiments,a power density of defocused laser beam was kept in the range,which led the welding process towards to conduction limited regime and thus enabled to achieve broader EP0701877A1 - Defocused laser drilling process for making EP0701877A1 EP95114561A EP95114561A EP0701877A1 EP 0701877 A1 EP0701877 A1 EP 0701877A1 EP 95114561 A EP95114561 A EP 95114561A EP 95114561 A EP95114561 A EP

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EP2511041B1 EP12163444.8A EP12163444A EP2511041B1 EP 2511041 B1 EP2511041 B1 EP 2511041B1 EP 12163444 A EP12163444 A EP 12163444A EP 2511041 B1 EP2511041 B1 EP 2511041B1 Authority EP European Patent Office Prior art keywords laser welder arc welder approximately hybrid Prior art date 2011-04-13 Legal status (The legal status is an assumption and isEP2546020B1 - Laser/arc hybrid welding method andEP2546020B1 EP11753293.7A EP11753293A EP2546020B1 EP 2546020 B1 EP2546020 B1 EP 2546020B1 EP 11753293 A EP11753293 A EP 11753293A EP 2546020 B1 EP2546020 B1 EP 2546020B1 Authority EP European Patent Office Prior art keywords welding laser welded carried tig Prior art date 2010-03-08 Legal status (The legal status is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion.Effect of laser processing parameters on the - COREA defocused laser beam was used to control the energy input and allow melting of the aluminum alone and form the bond by wetting of the steel substrate.Experimentally,the process energy was varied by changing the power density (PD) and interaction time separately to understand the influence of each of these parameters on the IM formation.

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Furthermore,it can clearly be seen in Fig.11 that at the welding travel speeds U laser 7.5 mm/s the laser beam profiles C2 and C3 lead to very similar volumes of melted metal.The lower pool width and depth ( Fig.8 ,Fig.10 ) of case C2 is counterbalanced by a higher pool length ( Fig.9 ,Fig.13 ).Effects of cooling rate on solidification cracking Jun 01,2021·The fiber laser beam was irradiated behind the molten pool during the gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) in the U-type hot cracking test .Table 1 shows the condition of the GTAW-laser welding and the U-type hot cracking test.The laser power was set within a range where the bead penetration depth did not change.Electron Beam Welding in the United States PTR-Precision Electron Beam Welding in the United States.A glimpse is given of how electron beam welding has evolved in the United States over five decades.Using an electron beam (EB) to perform material processing tasks first began in the early l900's to melt refractory metals in vacuum.Since then,its utilization for processing other forms of material

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An interrupted welding method was performed in order to investigate the formation and growth manner of IMC at the weld interface of steel/aluminum alloy lap joint during defocused laser beam welding.Flexural Analysis and Material Characterization of Laser Experimental investigation and finite element simulation of laser beam welding of AISI 304 stainless steel sheet,quot; Interfacial microstructure and strength of steel to aluminum alloy lap joints welded by a defocused laser beam,quot; To submit an update or takedown request for this paper,Growth Manner of Intermetallic Compounds at the Weld Request PDF Growth Manner of Intermetallic Compounds at the Weld Interface of Steel/Steel Alloy Lap Joint Fabricated by a Defocused Laser Beam An interrupted welding method was performed in

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The problem presented is a fairly typical customer request for the IPG Apps Lab.In order to weld the trusses,the laser must produce a deep enough melt pool over a large enough area to encompass both pieces being welded.In the first instance,the engineers tried raising the collimator head so that the beam was not focused on the piece (Figure 1).Influence of process parameters for sheet lamination based May 08,2021·The laser micro-spot welding process was studied to implement a sheet lamination process-based methodology for the fabrication of austenitic stainless steel scaffolds.AISI 302 sheets with a thickness of 254 m were laser cut and laser welded.Experimental tests were carried out with different values of average laser power (i.e.,180,200,and 220 W) and different exposure times (25,50,75 Interfacial Microstructure of A6111/Steel Lap Joint Abstract Lap joining of A6111 alloy and steel (SPCC Steel Plate Cold-rolled C) plates was performed using a defocused YAG laser beam.A detailed investigation was performed on the intermetallic compound (IMC) layer formed at the weld interface.Two representative joints fabricated under different welding conditions were selected and the effect of the welding conditions on the kind and

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The original micro structure of the base metal is significantly affected by a welding thermal cycle,irrespective of the type of the heat source.Hence,new phases and different grain size result in the welding bead.The tensile strength of the overall structure is affected in turn.Tensile tests are normally conducted to eventually test a square butt joint configuration.Laser Welding of Stainless Steel 321 in Different Welding It was revealed that spatial position during laser welding of AISI 321 stainless steel influences the processes in the weld pool and the process of its crystallization.The geometry,structure,distribution of chemical elements depend on the cooling rate of the welded joint,which varies in different spatial positions during laser welding of stainless steel AISI 321.Laser stabilization of GMAW additive manufacturing of Ti The laser beam was defocused,used in conduction mode,and was positioned concentric with the welding wire and the welding arc (CMT).Finally,the results obtained for bead-on-plate welding were applied to an additively manufactured structure,in which a laser-hybrid stabilized sample was built and then evaluated against CMT-only sample.

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Nov 05,2015·Figure 5 Welding two sheets of acrylic (a) the laser cuts through the top layer and into 30% of bottom layer,(b) the heat along the laser path welds both layers.Figure 7 Releasing a weld (a) creating a new cut in very close proximity,(b) the material evaporates and releases the weld.Mechanical and Corrosion Behaviour of the 2139 Aluminium The present study deals with the properties assessment of a new generation aluminium-steel alloy,developed by ALCAN and designed 2139,welded by the bobbin tool technique of the FSW process.Considering the best performances of this age formable alloy after T8 aging,both the T4 and T8 tempers prior to welding are assessed.Therefore,the behaviour under static and fatigue load conditions Narrow gap laser welding for potential nuclear pressure Request full-text PDF.To read the full-text of this research,you can request a copy directly from the authors. (45 mm parallel grooves) welding with a defocused laser beam welding and

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The presented method uses a defocused beam after welding for heating the material regions on both sides of the weld.In this way,the welding stresses are decreased without contacting the surfaces using the available equipment.Different process parameters could be used depending on the component geometry and the laser power.Printed Circuit Board Assembly Inspection Methods PCBCartPrinted Circuit Board assembly manufacturing hardly relies on single inspection method.After all,visual inspection can never be avoided during assembly procedure.Due to complexity improvement and high volume assembly demand,automatic inspection methods have to be used.As a turnkey PCB assembler with over 10 years' experience,PCBCart is REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONwelding (stabilize the weldment),and final weld on battery perimeter weld.Weld path generation program generates NC file from three parameter values derived from the mechanical drawing of the battery.Point to point teach mode for setting weld path Automatic path compensation for defocused laser beam.

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The welding with hybrid heat sources combined a high-power disk laser and a metal actives gas (MAG) arc was performed on the I-groove joint of 12 mm thick high-strength steel plates.Residual stress reduction of LPBF-processed CM247LC Apr 30,2021·To reduce the internal stresses,this strategy is there implemented with two additional defocused laser beams,as reported in .The schematic top view of the lateral offset strategy with multi laser beams for this LPBF study is shown in Fig.1 with the additional melt pool dimensions.The small circle in the melt pool image represents the melting laser in the focus plane with a beam diameter of 90 m and a power of 200 W,whereas the great circle stands for the defocused second laserSolutions Flash Laser cladding repairs for aerospace and nThe laser beam is defocused on the workpiece with a selected spot size n Metal powder as the filler material is transferred with an inert carrier gas into the melt pool nThe laser bean and the powder nozzle are moved over the workpiece surface producing single tracks,layers and build ups 2.Comparison of laser cladding to competing processes

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May 01,2004·The additive manufacturing technique of laser direct metal deposition (DMD) has had an impact in rapid prototyping,tooling and small-volume manufacturing applications.Components are built from metallic materials that are deposited by the continuous injection of powder into a moving melt pool,created by a defocused laser beam.Welding residual stress reduction by scanning of a Request PDF Welding residual stress reduction by scanning of a defocused beam The residual stresses in narrow electron or laser beam welds with high stress gradients are decreased without any pdfpdf(PDF) A comparative study on the processing parameters This paper demonstrates a comparative study of a relatively novel fibre laser and a conventional CO2 laser to surface-process silicon nitride (Si3N4) engineering ceramic. Download Free PDF. Laser Beam Machining Critical energy density for the cutting fiber.

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It has also been proposed to use a single laser beam initially focused for welding and then to pass the same laser beam defocused over the seam in order to heal the coating vaporized in the seam area,cf.DE 69202224 T2 ,For this purpose,in a first phase of work,a laser beam is oriented and focused rigidly perpendicular to the surface to be welded and guided along the abutting surface of the coated sheetswelding·laser beamwelding·laser beamEP2698223B1 - A process of welding to repair thick A process of welding to repair thick sections using two arc welding devices and a laser device Download PDF Info Publication number EP2698223B1.EP2698223B1 EP13179865.4A EP13179865A EP2698223B1 EP 2698223 B1 EP2698223 B1 EP 2698223B1 EP 13179865 A EP13179865 A EP 13179865A EP 2698223 B1 EP2698223 B1 EP 2698223B1

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